Our Sweet Hat Club Manifesto

You wear sweet hats and so do we. The only difference is, we’ve designed this rockin’ website for posterity and fame; for not only us, but for the sweet friggin’ hats.

There’s nothing better than looking good in awesome hats, and posting them here to see what others think of them. There are just so many amazing hats just sitting around in closets all around the world! So pull out your best, pose, post here or on Instagram, and be prepared for your Internet celebrity to increase significantly.* We’re so sure that you’ll enjoy your hat picture on this website. Maybe even 95% sure.

We were founded in 2010 by our Benevolent Dictator, Colin Curtin (and the whole Cramer Dev gang), whose letter to the Internet can be found by clicking this text with your mouse cursor or finger if you are on a touchscreen device.

* Results may vary. Not all hats are actually sweet. Please be careful when wearing sweet hats in public, they may be stolen or distract drivers and may result in injury.

Colin Curtin, President of The Sweet Hat Club

The Rules

“With Sweet Hats Come Sweet Responsibilities”

  1. Wear a friggin’ hat.
  2. Hats submitted must be sweet (sweetness will be determined by Sweet Hat Club Elite Agents.)
  3. One hat per person. If you submit more than one hat your previous hats will be removed.
  4. Humans only.
  5. The Sweet Hat Club Elite Agents retain the authority to remove any hat for any reason at any time.
  6. You must submit with a real name. We make the funny nicknames.